Hi I'm Ronnie, Senior Product Designer

I’m a UX|UI Designer focused on solving complex problems in between design and human behavior. My passion is creating the best experience in using and navigating through complex systems, interfaces and interactions. Visual expressions enable me to communicate ideas with passion and imagination. As all platforms progress I enjoy exploring and creating UX/UI elements giving way to memorable visual impressions. I am a collector of color and an addict of equal spacing.

AVSI (Confidential)
Ks (Confidential)
AT (Confidential)
MiniSkEye (Confidential)
Tomat (Confidential)
Israeli Primate Sanctuary Fundation
Friends of IDF wounded
Chan Hashayarot Website
Methoda Website
Hamutsiz Website - eCommerce
Production Music Library
Danny Marx wedding Planner Website
Agam Website
Teracotta Website
More Projects
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