Hi I'm Ronnie, Senior Product Designer

My passion is Graphic Design and I love to work with a wide range of mediums. I am mainly drawn to the interactive experience, exploring and creating UI/UX elements. Visual expressions enable me to communicate ideas with passion and imagination. As all platforms progress I work with clients in creating memorable visual impressions. I am a collector of color and an addict of equal spacing.

Israeli Primate Sanctuary Fundation
Friends of IDF wounded
Web design for Friends of IDF wounded association Donation page
Website design for Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council, near the western shores of the Dead Sea
Chan Hashayarot Website
Website design for an accommodation and activity site dedicated to the desert experience. The site design aims to represent the sandy atmosphere while highlighting attractions and experiences it has to offer.
Methoda Website
Web Design for a multi-platform company. Making Methodas extensive solutions and services approachable and simple to explore
Hamutsiz Website - eCommerce
Hamutsiz - homemade organic pickles E-commerce website
Production Music Library
Platform based on discovery, where filmmakers and creative teams can find the perfect song for their project A user account website acting as a semi-music editor program including numerous features and an extensive streaming database
Danny Marx wedding Planner Website
Website design for a highly credited event production company "Danny Marx" - specializing in original tailor made events from content to location. The challenge was to illustrate the two services offered, private and corporate events, at first glance allowing you to navigate your specific needs from the get go. In doing so you are presented with relevant prior events suitable for your impression and needs. Events are presented highlighting the remarkable teams efforts, ability and prestige in the field.
Agam Website
Responsive concept website design for metal production and processing plants Designed @ Almog Dvir advertising agency. www.agam.co.il
Teracotta Website
Web Design for an innovative company specializing in brick, tile and ceramic works.
More Projects
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